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cherche des filleuls

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cherche des filleuls

Message par sphinx2 le Sam 26 Sep - 21:13

bonjour je suis nouveau sur ce fabuleux site je cherche des filleuls pour les sites
fortadpays: .....4 clicks par jour
MPA : ........10 clicks par jour
AdREVER...... ............................pas de clicks
HQrevershares .......pas de clicks
je tiens à remercie L ADMIN.


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Re: cherche des filleuls

Message par buxmaester le Dim 27 Sep - 18:49

Hi everyone, I'm buxmaester, I'm american but nowadays I'm living in France since 1 year (thxs to my french's girlfriend), you got a beautiful country. I'm glad to be here with you, it's my first day on this site. Like you, I search refferals for improve my stats.

I'm a member of ClixSense, I think you know it. It's an interesting site to earn dollars by clicking. You can earn few bux with a standard member (free). Or get a upgrade membership. The advantage is, on ClixSense the cost is very cheap, only 17 $ a year, compared to others PTC's, more expensive sites, $ 90 a year but interesting too after a certain time.

The Best Way to learn the site, check that it is serious and profitable without spending much money . For me, I earn with ClixSence about 150 $ per month, it's possible to earn on the internet, or for lucky live with only internet but this requires motivation and patience . Beware of scammers which will offer you to earn thousands of dollars a day.

Next time I'll try to write in french, a bit complicated at this step ^^
A bitot Smile


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